Painting Black: A day out with my nephews

A day out with my nephews

With barely 6 hours of sleep after the company outing,leo and i decided to treat my nephews out for a fun-filled day at Enchanted Kingdom. Good thing we had free tickets courtesy of Lea, Leo's younger sister. Yep, i know their names sound funny. *giggles*. Still, lucky me. Lea just got a job assisting EK customers who want to watch featured movies in the 3D theater.

TonTon and Oying goofing with the EK Wizard
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We have tickets!
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You betcha, we can ride all we want
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First stop, the balloon ride. I am playing surrogate momma to both my nephews so leo was seated at a different balloon, too bad. TonTon and Oying were all smiles after the ride. Poor 'ol me on the other hand got really dizzy.

Mga pulis pangkalawakan
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Next was the roller coaster ride and the boys didn't flinch a bit. Then we decided that it was the best time to get wet while the sun was still up and shining. We expected to get wet and yep, soaking wet we indeed were after the ride. Good thing we all brought extra shirts.

All wet and shivering after the RioGrande ride
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Tonton and Oying decided to try the giant slide.

Tonton sliiiiding awaaaay
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Oying making sure he falls smoothly
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Uhmm...jurassic park meets the Flintstones.
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The boys found a caveman!
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Chowtime! We had hotdogs and popcorn after quite a tiring walk and equally tiring queue lines.

Tonton having a mouthful
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Guess what Oying is eating?
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After wolfing down on hotdogs, we proceeded to the lake for a swan ride. We waited for over an hour in queue before finally pedaling the huge swan boats.

High fiving the cam
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Geared up for the boat ride
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We wanted a little more action so we finally tried the log ride which was more like spinoff of the roller coaster and rio grandre. Only difference is that the dropoff was so steep it literally tugs at your gut. Little Oying cried from after the smaller dropoff until the end of the ride. I myself got a little shaky in the knees. Scary.

To calm Oying we meant to try Realto. Unfortunately Oying was too young for the ride. Only Tonton, Leo and Cathy got inside so Oying and I decided to shop for
souvenirs. We bought stickers and squeezy figures for Gabbie who was too young to come with us.

Tonton outside Realto
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Oying posed with the performers
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Leo and his dream girl
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Our theme park adventure would not be complete without riding the Grand Carousel.

Cathy enjoying the carousel ride and the little rest
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Oying loves the little pony
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Tonton busy securing himself
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To cap the night, a photo of the tired but happy mother and sons.

Cathy and the boys with their horror movie pose
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Extra! Leo and I get to sneak a shot!

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