Painting Black: July 2005

Oui, Je parle un petit peu Francais

Salut! Je m'appelle Sharon, et toi?

Sounds classy ey? All of a sudden the French bug has bitten me, and lately, I am trying so hard to learn the language, as if I had not enough of basic French in college. Funny thing is I'm still figuring out the reason for all this effort.

Being the impulsive buyer that I am, I recently bought this little French book. I know, there are heaps of must-read bestsellers but still, silly me. Well, I guess it's just another proof that strange things really get into one's head sometimes...double meaning? *wink, wink* Much to my surprise, however, Like Dan Brown's, Stephen King's and Anne Rice's, the book really got me hooked. It's the first and last thing that I read each day. How's that for addiction?

Then of course, the million dollar question still lingers...after the tongue-wrestling and lip-twisting attempt to speaking French, porquoi faire? Well, like I said, im still figuring it out. Maybe I still have that Paris dream in my head.

Counting inspirations

After weeks of not having anything to do, my lead finally gave me a project. The much-awaited project turned out to be writing an API guide for FancyPants. I didn’t know how to react. I was excited for the task, but I was scared to wit because I have never, ever written an API guide in my whole life. Just lovely, I thought to myself. Add the fact that FancyPants is a third party product, thus, we do not have content experts locally. With much edginess to fire my brain to work, I started researching for the cutely-named software. Thank God for the internet! Slowly, with information coming in, I started writing the guide, basing and consulting from previous documents. In short, I was able to deliver and got an inspiring congratulations straight from our manager in Rocklin for a “good job." Ah, joy.

The sun is the center of the solar system

There's a huge difference between being civilized and being just plain short-sighted. When a person says something about anything, a normal person in his right mind would take the comment and respect it. Why? Because it's his basic right. The least you can do is respect it. In a healthy, friendly conversation, when one disagrees with a comment, there is no better way to vent your side than to declare and reason about whatever it is that you think. That way, you allow other people to reciprocate the respect.

It's a stupid, coward's way out to keep quiet and keep grudge just because somebody else didn't aggree with what you think, or follow what you say. More so, it's just so dense to hold on to that grudge and then run around telling everybody about it while keeping that person in the shadows. It's just not the way to make a good impression of greatness.

You cannot order people to think or act the way you do or the way you want them to. Stop disappointing yourself and placing the blame on others. The name of the game is respect and it's so sad for you because just like everything else in this world, it is earned and not ordered. It's just how things go in the real world. I hate bursting bubbles but the center of the solar system is the sun, not you.

Painting Black

Every day creates your history. Every path you take, you leave your legacy.

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