Painting Black: Counting inspirations

Counting inspirations

After weeks of not having anything to do, my lead finally gave me a project. The much-awaited project turned out to be writing an API guide for FancyPants. I didn’t know how to react. I was excited for the task, but I was scared to wit because I have never, ever written an API guide in my whole life. Just lovely, I thought to myself. Add the fact that FancyPants is a third party product, thus, we do not have content experts locally. With much edginess to fire my brain to work, I started researching for the cutely-named software. Thank God for the internet! Slowly, with information coming in, I started writing the guide, basing and consulting from previous documents. In short, I was able to deliver and got an inspiring congratulations straight from our manager in Rocklin for a “good job." Ah, joy.


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