Painting Black: August 2005

Mommy for a day

Saturday was the usual tita-niece outing. Leo and I took Gabbie to Market! Market! and stayed there almost a full day.

After a tiring day out, I decided against dropping Gabbie home. I called my mama and asked if Gabbie can sleep at my place. I was sooo happy when she said yes. Leo carried Gabbie while I rummaged the convenience store for milk and diapers. The little girl was all perky when we got to my place. She was running all around calling me “Aron! Aron!”

It was cute at first, but at 11:30pm, I figured the kiddo needs to sleep and to do so, she wanted her toy meow-meow, a stuffed cat that she cuddles during bedtime. Unfortunately we didn’t bring her toy and I am too tired to play with her so Leo made an improvised toy meow-meow. It was sooo funny. The supposedly stuffed toy was made of 2 pieces of diaper wrapped in a towel. Gabbie didn’t want to touch the poor thing and looked at it incredulously, I bet it was disgust. It took a lot of convincing for Gabbie to sleep with it. My poor self on the other hand, didn’t even get to nap. Gabbie was stirring in her sleep and coughing once in a while so Tita Shaui was up all night making sure Gabbie is comfy.

At 6:30 Gabby woke up crying, and calling her mommy. Knowing that I can’t stop her from crying, I immediately changed clothes and packed Gabbie’s things so we can get to Parañaque fast. While waiting for the bus though, Gabbie pointed to a nearby Jollibee so we went inside for pancakes and chicken. Not a minute later, Gabbie was laughing and was back to being playful, while Tita felt weak and sleepy. I realized one needs to be a full time housewife to be able to care for a small person like Gabbie. It was too early to be thinking scary thoughts and I need to get myself some sleep so I picked up the little girl and took the bus to Parañaque. When we arrived home, Gabbie played with her lola while I grabbed a pillow and immediately dozed off until it was dark outside.

The Singapore dream

I am sooo happy because I just received one helluva good news. A good friend is finally going to relocate to Singpore!!!! Yey!!!! More than that, I’m happy because the opportunity has finally come. She used to sulk and not talk about the whole thing and turn her *diva mode* on because she said she doesn’t want to get her hopes up. Well, hello hopes! Im so very excited for her I could celebrate right now. And yehey, I’m gonna have somebody to visit when I go there, hehehe!

We are family!

The team voted Mike as employee of the month or something. And he was named as such. The prize, he gets to take his family out on a meal worth 3k. Not bad we thought. So the boys kept on bugging him that our group is really like a family. Mike didn’t buy the idea at first, but after a few more brainwashing, he finally surrendered. Yey!

We had lunch at Congro Grill and feasted on seafood mainly. It was fun being with the guys. They are rowdy and most of the time naughty. But like they say, you gotta love the family! Hehehe.

Say what?

The guy gives me the creeps. It feels creepy enough when a friend hits on you in front of common friends, but it gets creepier when this “friend” assumes that I really want to go out with him alone, now that he’s successful and can globe-trot where he wants. You really are something else, dude. The lunch with our friends, I dig that despite your occasional anatomy comments, oh yeah, MY anatomy. But to personally ask me on a night out and invite me to your hotel room, just the two of us, that’s way too fresh for me. Initially you scared me, but after that, I wanted to hit your head with your laptop! Can’t all your money get you a girl? I mean, come on! You and I didn’t happen before and it ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime, so lose it. Too bad, we really meant for you to have a wonderful stay while you’re in the country, but it’s good that you saved us that much effort.

Happy Birhtday Baby!

Leo turned 26 today. It was now my turn to return the favor. To do that, I phoned it sick. Well, I really was sick. But I promised Leo that we’ll spend the whole day together…or the whole half day that is, sleepy head me. So he fetched me from my place and on we went to Market! Market! There wasn’t much choice with movies so we ended up with a really bad shaolin movie which starred a Lara Croft wannabe.

After the movie, we got ourselves some ice cream and hustled to Ineng’s for barbecue. It turned out Leo wanted grilled panga while I wanted to try buttered chili crabs ( i read Doth’s blog about it and it made me drool!). It was a feast alright.

With stomachs full and after little more chit chat, the predictable 'walk me home scene' again. I had hoped I woke up early that day because the celebration seemed so short and simple. In fact I thought I was hearing Rivermaya singing a verse of Hinahanap-hanap Kita while we were on The Fort bus.

sabik sayo
kahit maghapon
na tayoy magkasama
parang telesine
ang ating ending
hatid sa bahay nyo
sabay goodnight
sabay may kiss
sabay bye-bye

Darn online applications

The CBT on Illustrator amazingly run smooth today. Still, Yawn, yawn! Accenture called me up this morning. Last week, Genovate of Singapore emailed me asking for my updated resume, current and asking salary and all those stuff. Waahhh! How am I supposed to pay Verifone P180,000 worth of employment bond? I think I should erase that gruesome thought for now. Im pretty comfy here and I’m thankful. Still it makes me wonder why those applications from eons ago chose to pick up right now when everything seemed to be in perfect order. Darn online applications!

A catchy article in the Manila Bulletin Sunday issue called my attention. Fresh from the off-set, the Oxford Dictionary of English second edition listed some new words that are weirder than green people. Following are some words lifted from the dictionary:

Chugger (noun) meaning charity mugger. The kind that holds you up in the streets for charity donations.

Greige (adjective) a cross between gray and beige.

Pelmet (noun) a skirt that is shorter than a mini.

Handy (noun) a cell phone.

Hehehe, I bet boo, moolah and bling are also listed since the Publisher admitted that new words were mostly taken from the internet and from song lyrics.

A gift delayed is still a gift!

It did not feel like my birthday yesterday so Leo convinced me to shop, flashing his ATM. Even Ces advised me to shop and be deliriously happy on my birthday. We meant to go to Market! Market! because I wanted to eat barbecue, but in the middle of the ride, I decided to go to Megamall. Going from Mega A to B wasn’t at all fun. So was fitting jeans and shoes. I realized I get tired easily and it spoils the fun in shopping, even with Leo lugging all the bags. I think I really am old. I didn’t even enjoy House of the Dead at Timezone. A rugged, digital chrono watch from Timex perked up my day a little. It was such a steal for only 500 bucks ;). And of course, I love the white leather sandals and the jag jeans that Leo picked. Thanks baby!

Free Birthday Party

Because my cousins are scheduled to leave the country for Italy on Tuesday, they invited us over to their place for a little mock despedida of sorts. Being the sentimental person that she is, my mom said yes even though it was my birthday. Wanting to give my mom a slice of social life, I bowed to her decision. As expected, my father was too lazy to drive us four cities away, which reminded me to get a driver’s license soon, of which I really am not too eager. So we called a cab, tagged Leo along with my eldest sis and her daughter Gabbie, and off we went to Tandang Sora, Q.C.

Upon arrival to their newly-renovated home, my mom announced to everybody that it was my birthday. It rained kisses everywhere, and all of a sudden, Ate Girlie pulled me to her car to buy me a cake and pansit for long life she said, even though they already have several dishes prepared. When we got back to the house, the rest of my cousins started singing Happy Birthday. It was touching. Even little Gabbie was singing “happy yuyu.” After the singing, we all feasted on the cake while chatting the day away.

Come bye-bye time, kisses and embraces were again exchanged. It’ll be another two years until we all see each other, sigh. On the way home, I told my mom that Leo and I planned to see a movie before it gets too late. My mom dropped us to Robinsons Boni so it’s nearer my dorm. Leo and I grabbed donuts and bottled water and hurried to watch The Great Raid. Not really an upper to end a birthday but pwede na din. The movie was good, after all. It could have been better if the movie was shot here.

The darn Illustrator CDs must be jinxed! I’m almost done with the last tutorial for CD1 and then it died on me again, as always, as ever. I wish there was a real trainer. It’s more fun that way. I intended to make an artwork to post but the critic in me told me to stop. Besides, people might think I have nothing productive to do. They’re so right.

Tomorrow’s my birthday! Ulk…I now feel old at 27. If you ask me, It’s really not flattering to count years to add to what I already have. Sheesh….But there are some good to having another candle to blow. Old friends have been asking me what I want for my birthday. Thank you friends! Mmmwaahhh! It may seem the perfect time to ask for something that I really, really, want, but I can’t think of anything at this point, unless you want to give me tickets to Disney HK! Hehehe. Seriously, your advanced greetings are enough. Thank you, friends! *Hugs*

No headliners this time. No task, no project..since Monday, actually. Well, Nick taught me how to make line arts using Illustrator. I wish there was a magnetic lasso in Illustrator too, just to make it a lot easier working on the edges. I finished the activity the following day, Tuesday. After that, the world moves in slow motion again. Finally, I decided to re-view the CBT on Illustrator, but the darn CD refused to work towards the middle of the tutorial. Naturally, the eagerness went away. Restarting my computer 5 times, killed the time…with it, my patience. Finally when Internet and audio were back on track, I settled on hearing Chapter 9 of The Half-Blood Prince audio book until Leo arrives.

On our way home, Leo talked about his recent read at Powerbooks while passing the time waiting for me. Ding! Powerbooks is on sale, I remembered. Once again my hasty, impulsive, evil twin defeated every bit of prudence in me. In the end, I let my feet carry me to the cashier with Mitch Albom in my hand, stiffly discounted at 20%.

Four years and counting

Yesterday was supposed to be a very special day for me and Leo. It was our 4th year anniversary of being together as boyfriend-girlfriend. But the celebration paled in comparison with the previous years. No surprises this time. No flowers, no chocolates, not even a card! Oh muses, is this a taste of what lies ahead? I was a little disappointed of course, good thing dinner was filling. We get to try Chef Donatello out of curiosity. Since there’s Chef D’angelo already, I am predicting there will be Chef Rafael and Chef Master Splinter soon hahaha!

Anyways, while stuffing myself with pasta, pizza and chicken, I mustered enough courage to ask for my flowers. Leo laughed and shrugged my question off. After four years he still thinks I am joking when I ask for flowers! Gah! I decided to keep quiet. When he sensed my brewing tampo, Leo finally said that he’s more that 100% sure that I wouldn’t even carry the flowers because I get conscious of people looking at me. End of discussion. He knows me. So maybe the flowers are a waste of money. But still, a girl’s a girl …I stopped acting disappointed and finished dinner.

As always he walked me home. I didn’t know that he managed to slip something in my wallet until the following morning. While paying for fare, I noticed a piece of paper covering our picture that I keep in my wallet. A love letter of sorts. I must admit he gets better at it. So with or without the flowers, it’s four years and counting.


My cousin Joanne celebrated her 18th birthday last Saturday. So we braved the rains from Parañaque to Quezon City just to attend her party. It was Mama, Mac-mac, ang utol kong pasaway, and Gabbie in the cab with me. Unfortunately my father was too tired to drop us there. I know, the driver is more than happy to get us to our destination, my poor purse...Because I am playing surrogate mommy (for the nth time)to my niece, I was in my usual jeans and sando attire that’s why it came as a disaster when I learned that the emcee would not be able to make it. Out of all the many faces in the room, most of whom I do not know, be they family or otherwise, it was my poor self who was requested to host. Darn Auntie Girlie. But because I do not want Joanne to worry about the shameless emcee, I took the responsibility although hesitantly. Ala nang magagawa eh. So I talked and talked the whole night and didn’t even have the chance to stuff myself with foodies i’d love to eat. Yet at one point I get to enjoy myself that I even interviewed people in the room, walking from table to table, dragging the microphone and tagging Gabbie along (the baby never left my side while I talked the whole night away), Haha! Of course, the embarrassment came after all that and my brother didn’t stop picking on me on the way home. As they say, it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it, and do it good. Okay, I'm lying. According to my hosting barometer, it’s not even close to good. But at least the party started and ended. I think I deserved an A for effort. Hehehe

With Gabbie

Nu-ni-nu Day

It's been raining all day. I never liked the rain. It makes me feel gloomy and sort of sad even though I have every reason to rejoice. To boot, my lead is on leave, the good guy from support just installed me a telephone and I literally have nothing to do after the FancyPants project. I decided that despite the gloominess, i should put my slothful day to semi-productive use. And so I realized that it's perfect timing to update my blog. In an instant, i tried re-learning html. The crash course paid off because I now have a list of links of the good people I know who also blog and some useful links that I myself use. Nice, nice. Im kinda proud of myself. Plus Donish dropped me a message so it makes it doubly semi-productive day for me hehehe. Miss you Don!!!!

No more black phone, please?

I want a white e398!

What’s with my phone? Smart called me up last week because a replacement unit that I requested since day one just arrived. After all the bureaucratic hassles of signing this and filling that, the shock came out as not so shocking anymore. The replacement unit is another BLACK e398. Grrr!!!! I wanted to lash out on the poor customer service rep but thought better of it. I love the color black, i just do not want a black phone. Calmly, i told the customer service rep that she needs to tag my record that I specifically want a white phone and that I never requested for black, ever. With that, I ended up with my old phone speckled with dead pixels. Lovely.

Craving for Chocolate

Last night, Leo and I decided to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at Market! Market! I’ve been wanting to see the movie since I chanced upon its trailer. I’m not so fond of Johnny Depp but I wanted to see the chocolate lake and the chocolate falls. I think everybody still has that childhood fantasy of drinking from a chocolate fountain or taking a bite out of the ginger house…Yum! Gee, I suddenly miss childhood.

Anyways, I can’t dig the production numbers of the oompa loompas. They are the little people (read: some guy who is lucky enough to be digitally cloned for a full-length movie) running Mr. Wonka’s chocolate factory. They’re supposed to be cute but they scare me, I don’t like them one bit, sorry. I love little Charlie Bucket though, the kid can act. Apart from Charlie's and his grandpa's acting, the whole movie was bland to me, even with all the chocolate around. I'm not even recommending the movie to my nephews.

Another lucky, busy day

I came in at 10:08 in the morning and lo and behold! People are coming out of the office lugging their bags. I thought this is going to be one lucky day. A guy sitting on the sofa of the reception area told me that I better be going home unless I wanted to fill my lungs with paint fumes. There’s been a mini-construction going on at the other end of the office. Whatever they’re doing, I’m loving it, hehehe. Last night, my lead also advised us to pack early because of the fume stench. It’s been two rest days in a row. God must really, really be very good.

Leo was very kind to deliver the goodies that I bought for my mom and my nephews. The shoes fit my mom, yey! I met up with my baby lunchtime at SM foodcourt. After chowing down on fish, we went looking for a shoe repair shop to glue my shoe sole. Goodness, that’s what I get for getting so excited about red tags and 50% discounts. Im not buying LA Gear anymore.

Still with so much free time in our hands, we decided to get in touch with our enterprising side. We went to Makati City Hall to ask about starting a jollyjeep business – you know, the stainless stalls that serve affordable food all over the Makati business district. Good news is that we found out that rental and maintenance fee round up to a mere P500 daily, bad news is that we need to wait in line along thousands of applicants for somebody to give up his jollyjeep business before we all cut each other’s throat for the vacancy. Not too promising, sigh.

Good company equals good dinner

With all the circus going on, Ces, Ning and I decided to have dinner together. Dinner was on me since I just got my first paycheck from my new office. Having no trusted sense of direction, we didn’t meet at the place that I myself suggested, yep, I messed up on the directions, as expected. When we finally saw each other, we were too hungry to even chit chat. We walked straight to Megastrip to look for good food. Ces wanted tom yum so we agreed on Thai food and dinner was served at Krua Thai. Trivia! I just learned that “krua” means “kitchen” in thai. It was a good choice alright. Ambiance was nice. The Thai parasols that adorn the ceiling were lovely and food was really yummy. Thanks to the ever-reliable waiter who suggested their must try’s. We loved them all. Ning particulary went crazy for the dilis appetizer. For me, the spare ribs is to die for.
Trivia! These Thai parasols are actually for sale, P1500 for the small ones and P4500 for the bigger ones

Dinner is never good dinner without chismis. And so the undying circus of events were again touched. Too bad, it was such a spoiler that we weren’t able to finish what we’ve ordered. Thinking of saving our appetite for dessert, we decided to talk about the good old days like crushes (I knew it, Ning, I knew it!), Mike Viray’s infectious sense of humor, and dessert itself hehehe. After hours of chismisan, we were finally ready for dessert. Leo and I were supposed to share my banana split while Ning and Ces on some Thai dessert which looked more like a spinoff of halo-halo and gula melaka. It turned out that banana split was not prepared and so we ended up sharing their dessert, which took forever to finish halfway. That’s just how full we were. After some more chismisan, the growing belly bulge, and the realization that it was a Monday evening, we decided to call it a night. It was a great dinner with great friends. Leo and I resolved that we’ll be back to celebrate our birthdays and our 4th year anniversary there, all those celebrations this month!

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