Painting Black: Another lucky, busy day

Another lucky, busy day

I came in at 10:08 in the morning and lo and behold! People are coming out of the office lugging their bags. I thought this is going to be one lucky day. A guy sitting on the sofa of the reception area told me that I better be going home unless I wanted to fill my lungs with paint fumes. There’s been a mini-construction going on at the other end of the office. Whatever they’re doing, I’m loving it, hehehe. Last night, my lead also advised us to pack early because of the fume stench. It’s been two rest days in a row. God must really, really be very good.

Leo was very kind to deliver the goodies that I bought for my mom and my nephews. The shoes fit my mom, yey! I met up with my baby lunchtime at SM foodcourt. After chowing down on fish, we went looking for a shoe repair shop to glue my shoe sole. Goodness, that’s what I get for getting so excited about red tags and 50% discounts. Im not buying LA Gear anymore.

Still with so much free time in our hands, we decided to get in touch with our enterprising side. We went to Makati City Hall to ask about starting a jollyjeep business – you know, the stainless stalls that serve affordable food all over the Makati business district. Good news is that we found out that rental and maintenance fee round up to a mere P500 daily, bad news is that we need to wait in line along thousands of applicants for somebody to give up his jollyjeep business before we all cut each other’s throat for the vacancy. Not too promising, sigh.


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