Painting Black

The darn Illustrator CDs must be jinxed! I’m almost done with the last tutorial for CD1 and then it died on me again, as always, as ever. I wish there was a real trainer. It’s more fun that way. I intended to make an artwork to post but the critic in me told me to stop. Besides, people might think I have nothing productive to do. They’re so right.

Tomorrow’s my birthday! Ulk…I now feel old at 27. If you ask me, It’s really not flattering to count years to add to what I already have. Sheesh….But there are some good to having another candle to blow. Old friends have been asking me what I want for my birthday. Thank you friends! Mmmwaahhh! It may seem the perfect time to ask for something that I really, really, want, but I can’t think of anything at this point, unless you want to give me tickets to Disney HK! Hehehe. Seriously, your advanced greetings are enough. Thank you, friends! *Hugs*


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Painting Black

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