Painting Black: Darn online applications

Darn online applications

The CBT on Illustrator amazingly run smooth today. Still, Yawn, yawn! Accenture called me up this morning. Last week, Genovate of Singapore emailed me asking for my updated resume, current and asking salary and all those stuff. Waahhh! How am I supposed to pay Verifone P180,000 worth of employment bond? I think I should erase that gruesome thought for now. Im pretty comfy here and I’m thankful. Still it makes me wonder why those applications from eons ago chose to pick up right now when everything seemed to be in perfect order. Darn online applications!

A catchy article in the Manila Bulletin Sunday issue called my attention. Fresh from the off-set, the Oxford Dictionary of English second edition listed some new words that are weirder than green people. Following are some words lifted from the dictionary:

Chugger (noun) meaning charity mugger. The kind that holds you up in the streets for charity donations.

Greige (adjective) a cross between gray and beige.

Pelmet (noun) a skirt that is shorter than a mini.

Handy (noun) a cell phone.

Hehehe, I bet boo, moolah and bling are also listed since the Publisher admitted that new words were mostly taken from the internet and from song lyrics.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Nice Blog, like the way you set it up ! If you have time check out my site at It's not much, but it's interesting. I'm one of those guys sprayed by Agent Orange in VietNam and put up a site about it. embarresed in public with scars from Agent Orange ---Jack---

7:48 PM GMT+8  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im so sorry to hear about your ordeal. I actually don't understand the point of spraying the whole village with agent orange in the hope of finding enemies clinging to branches. It was a pointless and inhuman tactic. I share your sentiments.

11:09 PM GMT+8  

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