Painting Black: Emcee-emceehan


My cousin Joanne celebrated her 18th birthday last Saturday. So we braved the rains from Parañaque to Quezon City just to attend her party. It was Mama, Mac-mac, ang utol kong pasaway, and Gabbie in the cab with me. Unfortunately my father was too tired to drop us there. I know, the driver is more than happy to get us to our destination, my poor purse...Because I am playing surrogate mommy (for the nth time)to my niece, I was in my usual jeans and sando attire that’s why it came as a disaster when I learned that the emcee would not be able to make it. Out of all the many faces in the room, most of whom I do not know, be they family or otherwise, it was my poor self who was requested to host. Darn Auntie Girlie. But because I do not want Joanne to worry about the shameless emcee, I took the responsibility although hesitantly. Ala nang magagawa eh. So I talked and talked the whole night and didn’t even have the chance to stuff myself with foodies i’d love to eat. Yet at one point I get to enjoy myself that I even interviewed people in the room, walking from table to table, dragging the microphone and tagging Gabbie along (the baby never left my side while I talked the whole night away), Haha! Of course, the embarrassment came after all that and my brother didn’t stop picking on me on the way home. As they say, it’s a tough job but somebody’s got to do it, and do it good. Okay, I'm lying. According to my hosting barometer, it’s not even close to good. But at least the party started and ended. I think I deserved an A for effort. Hehehe

With Gabbie


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