Painting Black: Free Birthday Party

Free Birthday Party

Because my cousins are scheduled to leave the country for Italy on Tuesday, they invited us over to their place for a little mock despedida of sorts. Being the sentimental person that she is, my mom said yes even though it was my birthday. Wanting to give my mom a slice of social life, I bowed to her decision. As expected, my father was too lazy to drive us four cities away, which reminded me to get a driver’s license soon, of which I really am not too eager. So we called a cab, tagged Leo along with my eldest sis and her daughter Gabbie, and off we went to Tandang Sora, Q.C.

Upon arrival to their newly-renovated home, my mom announced to everybody that it was my birthday. It rained kisses everywhere, and all of a sudden, Ate Girlie pulled me to her car to buy me a cake and pansit for long life she said, even though they already have several dishes prepared. When we got back to the house, the rest of my cousins started singing Happy Birthday. It was touching. Even little Gabbie was singing “happy yuyu.” After the singing, we all feasted on the cake while chatting the day away.

Come bye-bye time, kisses and embraces were again exchanged. It’ll be another two years until we all see each other, sigh. On the way home, I told my mom that Leo and I planned to see a movie before it gets too late. My mom dropped us to Robinsons Boni so it’s nearer my dorm. Leo and I grabbed donuts and bottled water and hurried to watch The Great Raid. Not really an upper to end a birthday but pwede na din. The movie was good, after all. It could have been better if the movie was shot here.


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