Painting Black: Good company equals good dinner

Good company equals good dinner

With all the circus going on, Ces, Ning and I decided to have dinner together. Dinner was on me since I just got my first paycheck from my new office. Having no trusted sense of direction, we didn’t meet at the place that I myself suggested, yep, I messed up on the directions, as expected. When we finally saw each other, we were too hungry to even chit chat. We walked straight to Megastrip to look for good food. Ces wanted tom yum so we agreed on Thai food and dinner was served at Krua Thai. Trivia! I just learned that “krua” means “kitchen” in thai. It was a good choice alright. Ambiance was nice. The Thai parasols that adorn the ceiling were lovely and food was really yummy. Thanks to the ever-reliable waiter who suggested their must try’s. We loved them all. Ning particulary went crazy for the dilis appetizer. For me, the spare ribs is to die for.
Trivia! These Thai parasols are actually for sale, P1500 for the small ones and P4500 for the bigger ones

Dinner is never good dinner without chismis. And so the undying circus of events were again touched. Too bad, it was such a spoiler that we weren’t able to finish what we’ve ordered. Thinking of saving our appetite for dessert, we decided to talk about the good old days like crushes (I knew it, Ning, I knew it!), Mike Viray’s infectious sense of humor, and dessert itself hehehe. After hours of chismisan, we were finally ready for dessert. Leo and I were supposed to share my banana split while Ning and Ces on some Thai dessert which looked more like a spinoff of halo-halo and gula melaka. It turned out that banana split was not prepared and so we ended up sharing their dessert, which took forever to finish halfway. That’s just how full we were. After some more chismisan, the growing belly bulge, and the realization that it was a Monday evening, we decided to call it a night. It was a great dinner with great friends. Leo and I resolved that we’ll be back to celebrate our birthdays and our 4th year anniversary there, all those celebrations this month!


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