Painting Black: Mommy for a day

Mommy for a day

Saturday was the usual tita-niece outing. Leo and I took Gabbie to Market! Market! and stayed there almost a full day.

After a tiring day out, I decided against dropping Gabbie home. I called my mama and asked if Gabbie can sleep at my place. I was sooo happy when she said yes. Leo carried Gabbie while I rummaged the convenience store for milk and diapers. The little girl was all perky when we got to my place. She was running all around calling me “Aron! Aron!”

It was cute at first, but at 11:30pm, I figured the kiddo needs to sleep and to do so, she wanted her toy meow-meow, a stuffed cat that she cuddles during bedtime. Unfortunately we didn’t bring her toy and I am too tired to play with her so Leo made an improvised toy meow-meow. It was sooo funny. The supposedly stuffed toy was made of 2 pieces of diaper wrapped in a towel. Gabbie didn’t want to touch the poor thing and looked at it incredulously, I bet it was disgust. It took a lot of convincing for Gabbie to sleep with it. My poor self on the other hand, didn’t even get to nap. Gabbie was stirring in her sleep and coughing once in a while so Tita Shaui was up all night making sure Gabbie is comfy.

At 6:30 Gabby woke up crying, and calling her mommy. Knowing that I can’t stop her from crying, I immediately changed clothes and packed Gabbie’s things so we can get to Parañaque fast. While waiting for the bus though, Gabbie pointed to a nearby Jollibee so we went inside for pancakes and chicken. Not a minute later, Gabbie was laughing and was back to being playful, while Tita felt weak and sleepy. I realized one needs to be a full time housewife to be able to care for a small person like Gabbie. It was too early to be thinking scary thoughts and I need to get myself some sleep so I picked up the little girl and took the bus to Parañaque. When we arrived home, Gabbie played with her lola while I grabbed a pillow and immediately dozed off until it was dark outside.


Blogger tabel said...

hi shaui!

just browsed you blog from doths' site. ang cute ng niece mo! hehehe hope ur havin' fun sa company mo! =D

8:06 PM GMT+8  
Blogger shaui said...

hey tabelski!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hindi naman ako masyadong excited nu? hehehe, thanks, mana kay tita si gabbie hahaha and yep, i'm havin a great time naman, parang jan din ;)'r u na? musta na jan apart from the usual resig news? ei i've heard about ces, pano ba yan? hindi na talaga papapigil. singaporean na din siya in time.

thanks for droppin a message tabelski!

7:56 PM GMT+8  

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