Painting Black

No headliners this time. No task, no project..since Monday, actually. Well, Nick taught me how to make line arts using Illustrator. I wish there was a magnetic lasso in Illustrator too, just to make it a lot easier working on the edges. I finished the activity the following day, Tuesday. After that, the world moves in slow motion again. Finally, I decided to re-view the CBT on Illustrator, but the darn CD refused to work towards the middle of the tutorial. Naturally, the eagerness went away. Restarting my computer 5 times, killed the time…with it, my patience. Finally when Internet and audio were back on track, I settled on hearing Chapter 9 of The Half-Blood Prince audio book until Leo arrives.

On our way home, Leo talked about his recent read at Powerbooks while passing the time waiting for me. Ding! Powerbooks is on sale, I remembered. Once again my hasty, impulsive, evil twin defeated every bit of prudence in me. In the end, I let my feet carry me to the cashier with Mitch Albom in my hand, stiffly discounted at 20%.


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Painting Black

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