Painting Black: Nu-ni-nu Day

Nu-ni-nu Day

It's been raining all day. I never liked the rain. It makes me feel gloomy and sort of sad even though I have every reason to rejoice. To boot, my lead is on leave, the good guy from support just installed me a telephone and I literally have nothing to do after the FancyPants project. I decided that despite the gloominess, i should put my slothful day to semi-productive use. And so I realized that it's perfect timing to update my blog. In an instant, i tried re-learning html. The crash course paid off because I now have a list of links of the good people I know who also blog and some useful links that I myself use. Nice, nice. Im kinda proud of myself. Plus Donish dropped me a message so it makes it doubly semi-productive day for me hehehe. Miss you Don!!!!


Blogger knottydon said...

I miss you too, girl! Oh yeah, it can now be told, i have a big booty!

10:14 AM GMT+8  

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