Painting Black: September 2005

…and all that jazz

For several days now, I’ve been listening to French Quarter jazz. I don’t know but it seems to suspend time. Unlike pop and the all giddy top-40 songs that distract you from work (because you can’t help but sing along with them, and occasionally do a sudden dance move, hehehe) jazz seems to relax and make me feel light and hakuna matata-ish breezy. I can even listen to it while reading War of the Worlds without my left and right brain clashing and giving up on me. And yup, I’ve been exploring different music genres nowadays (and there’s a lot of them!) for lack of better things to do in the office. No load, no task for 2 weeks in a row. I feel like a real bummer, a jazzy bummer.

Tirso G is my angel!

I knew it. Our college experiment on altruism was 100% reliable and feasible. Dropped Tirs an offline message about helping me out find a decent place in Sing where a friend can stay and tadaa! He offered his place! Oh Tirs, you are such an angel! I luv you my semi-sistah! I promise I wont forget your longganisang lucban!

Loving dinners and good vibes

This has long been overdue and I'm so glad that it finally pushed through. Dinner at Cafe Metro and dessert at the uber comfy Krua Thai completed my night. I almost forgot that it's a Monday!

When I got home, I turned the *senti mode* on and I allowed myself to backtrack on the not-so-distant past. All I can remember was the laughs...It's a mystery what makes the three of us gel together like we do. Apart from sharing the workload and the long discussion about trivial matters (and otherwise!), it probably was the afternoon coffee (or ice monster or fruit smoothies or fishballs/squidballs) breaks and the long walk from the office to the snack stand, chit chatting non-stop. Then again, it was probably the spontaneous food trips and lunch outs that we even developed an instant attraction for that quaint little italian resto beside don bosco, even sharing each other's gelatto. I miss those moments...Well, cheers to you guys! Let's do more of this while we still can, shall we? Remember, every road leads to Amici! hehe ü


I just love her. I think she sounds better than Fantasia.

Finding Shaui

I saw this posted in Hossana's Friendster. Of all the pictures from the past, she picked this funny class picture, Bangkal Elementary School circa 1990. Hahaha, find me if you can!

Trends ladies

Met up with good old friends from Trends. The usual crew was present ~ Mari, Carmel, Rose and Moi. We meant to have dinner at Chef D’Angelo in Glorietta, but Ortigas isn’t that near to Makati. In short, I was late as expected and the resto closed even before I got within the Makati area. We settled for the group favorite instead, Pizza Hut near Dusit. The group was as perky as ever and stories of anything and everything never ceased. It was fun to be around with the girls again. Our next trip on the works, Palawan! Thanks to Carmel's connections! Can’t wait for another out of town with them!

Goodbyes and Hellos

It’s Ces’ last day in the office. The luck girl is relocating to Singapore soon. What good did she do to deserve such blessing? Too many to ever mention...I guess, hehehe. It’s been 3 months since I left ePhil, they told me they were creating a sort of collage for me as a parting gift. I never received the fabled collage until now. Ces sent it to me, finally. Hehehe. Merci beaucoup, sis!

To the people who took time to write a little message for me, thanks a lot!

Payback time

Drinking the whole night until the break of day is something I rarely do. The party last night was really, really fun that I lost count of how many tequila shots I had. Not to mention, the beer (san mig light, colt and even red horse!!!) and the gum-flavored lambanog. I must have hit level up because I did not mess the washroom with you-know-what, nor did I feel tipsy. Well, a little, but I blame it on stress, hehehe.

When I got home, I only had time to change clothes before hopping into bed. I woke up at around 3pm to go to the bathroom. While at it, I looked myself up in the mirror only to find out that I have scary, bumpy patches of red marks all over my body. I almost panicked because the last time I had these marks after drinking, they only appeared on the chest and abdomen area, and they did not look threatening. This time, I have them everywhere, from the neck down to the upper leg. It looked so much like an alien parasite will come out from the red patches anytime. So hail to the power of suggestion, I looked sick so I thought I was sick, and immediately my mouth went dry and I started to chill. Too much for being sober after endless shots of tequila and bottles of beer. I think I’d rather hug the toilet than have these scary marks.

The good times

The grade school mini-reunion was a blast. Unlike before, the boys decided to join in the fun. Sanette’s place was the official venue, as always. An attendance of 10 made the get-together a smashing success. Right away, everybody decides to keep up with everybody. Stories were exchanged – funny, sad, even tragic. Some were eating and singing at the same time, and of course, most were drinking! It was like being in the classroom once again, only this time, without the teacher, hehehe. We were like a bunch of grade schoolers! It did not occur to me how much I missed them until that get-together. But somehow, every great party has to come to an end, so at 6am, with no sleep at all, we decided to finally skip the drinks, get some coffee to fight off the light-headedness and say bye-bye. I really, really had fun. I can’t wait for our Christmas party!

Workin late

Stayed late in the office on a Friday night. Looks like the good ‘ol days are back to haunt me. Rushed a GUI prog guide that Randy was expecting today, supposedly. Unfortunately, we do not have the source doc to work on so the updates were delayed. I learned to create an index for the functions the hard way. In the process, my 270+pager FM doc lost all of its formatting. After playing detective for nearly an hour, not to mention constantly praying to The Absolute, the formats decided to come back and get recovered. There is a God!

The GUI prog guide “pressures” drained the energy in me. I am following a strict 7-day diet recommended by a friend. I knew I shouldn’t be eating loads of carb but despite the guilt, I was able to convince Leo to have dinner at Hap Chang at the Megastrip. After all, I needed the energy for tomorrow, I am coming back to the office to polish the doc so I have less work next week.

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