Painting Black: Loving dinners and good vibes

Loving dinners and good vibes

This has long been overdue and I'm so glad that it finally pushed through. Dinner at Cafe Metro and dessert at the uber comfy Krua Thai completed my night. I almost forgot that it's a Monday!

When I got home, I turned the *senti mode* on and I allowed myself to backtrack on the not-so-distant past. All I can remember was the laughs...It's a mystery what makes the three of us gel together like we do. Apart from sharing the workload and the long discussion about trivial matters (and otherwise!), it probably was the afternoon coffee (or ice monster or fruit smoothies or fishballs/squidballs) breaks and the long walk from the office to the snack stand, chit chatting non-stop. Then again, it was probably the spontaneous food trips and lunch outs that we even developed an instant attraction for that quaint little italian resto beside don bosco, even sharing each other's gelatto. I miss those moments...Well, cheers to you guys! Let's do more of this while we still can, shall we? Remember, every road leads to Amici! hehe ΓΌ


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