Painting Black: Payback time

Payback time

Drinking the whole night until the break of day is something I rarely do. The party last night was really, really fun that I lost count of how many tequila shots I had. Not to mention, the beer (san mig light, colt and even red horse!!!) and the gum-flavored lambanog. I must have hit level up because I did not mess the washroom with you-know-what, nor did I feel tipsy. Well, a little, but I blame it on stress, hehehe.

When I got home, I only had time to change clothes before hopping into bed. I woke up at around 3pm to go to the bathroom. While at it, I looked myself up in the mirror only to find out that I have scary, bumpy patches of red marks all over my body. I almost panicked because the last time I had these marks after drinking, they only appeared on the chest and abdomen area, and they did not look threatening. This time, I have them everywhere, from the neck down to the upper leg. It looked so much like an alien parasite will come out from the red patches anytime. So hail to the power of suggestion, I looked sick so I thought I was sick, and immediately my mouth went dry and I started to chill. Too much for being sober after endless shots of tequila and bottles of beer. I think I’d rather hug the toilet than have these scary marks.


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hehe, hinde ikaw 'to...

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