Painting Black: Workin late

Workin late

Stayed late in the office on a Friday night. Looks like the good ‘ol days are back to haunt me. Rushed a GUI prog guide that Randy was expecting today, supposedly. Unfortunately, we do not have the source doc to work on so the updates were delayed. I learned to create an index for the functions the hard way. In the process, my 270+pager FM doc lost all of its formatting. After playing detective for nearly an hour, not to mention constantly praying to The Absolute, the formats decided to come back and get recovered. There is a God!

The GUI prog guide “pressures” drained the energy in me. I am following a strict 7-day diet recommended by a friend. I knew I shouldn’t be eating loads of carb but despite the guilt, I was able to convince Leo to have dinner at Hap Chang at the Megastrip. After all, I needed the energy for tomorrow, I am coming back to the office to polish the doc so I have less work next week.


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