Painting Black: Intrigued over Julie & Julia

Intrigued over Julie & Julia

7:28 in the evening waiting for 8pm so I can finally leave the office. Projects have seen the end of their deadlines and the very last of the minor proofreads were accomplished the other day. I just read the rules for using commas in technical papers, since I noticed that people here seem to use them rather generously, while I on the other hand, have used them sparingly in all my 27 years. I’d be a walking genius if I remembered all those rules. Thus, I only memorized a few that made sense to me:

:: use only when there are at least 3 enumerations in the sentence, and before the conjunction “and” if only to make your statement clearer
:: use to separate independent clauses (before a conjunction) in compound sentences
:: use if it compliments the sentence

Clicked CNN. Saw an article about the book “Julie & Julia, 365 days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen.” In essence, it’s a cookbook cum journal of a real-life housewife’s daily culinary struggles in the effort to cook the recipes in her little French cookbook and decided to blog about her kitchen triumphs and failures. Nice! What’s nicer is that before her instant celebrity status, she was trapped in a dead-end secretarial job. Her kitchen adventure blog attracted throngs of readers, which caught the attention — and the wooing — of several publishers. Blogging literally made her a celebrity and recently, the film rights for Julie & Julia have been sold! Okay, I’m starting to get jealous. Aspiring to be published? Read "Julie's Blog" ü


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