Painting Black: Missed my first Samhain

Missed my first Samhain

I Missed Barbie’s Samhain dinner invite. She said it’s like thanksgiving but a bit “spookier.” Samhain is the beginning of the Wiccan new year, as she said. It would have been interesting to witness how they celebrate it. Will there be flying broomsticks and pointed black shoes, or that big cauldron boiling with animal innards? Hmmm…For sure there will be casting of spells. The last time they did it, I freaked out. We were rehearsing for their Wiccan wedding ceremony and we were supposed to read a binding spell while holding a colored cord. Fire and Barbie then scattered salt to where I was standing and uttered some sort of spell. Then their black cat, Oreo, began wandering about. If it wasn’t for my love for Barbie I would have sprinted for the door fast.

Barbie said Samhain went well, nothing too spooky for my taste. Plus the girls were all there — Yeng, Ayns and Lei, even our college biz ethics prof, Natty! Hayz…so while they were partying the night away, I contented myself by watching TV. My mom wants me to sleep in Paranaque just to make sure I’ll show up to man her Sunday flea market stall. Good thing Leo’s helping me with that.


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