Painting Black: Promil Kid?

Promil Kid?

I think my niece is insanely smart (I know, every Tita will say the same about their nieces hehehe). At 1 year and 10 months, she speaks like an adult already. The kid can converse, really converse…there is a subject and a predicate in her statements/requests/commands! And it’s so funny just as it is jaw-dropping. She knows everybody in the house and calls us by name, even some of the regulars who frequent her lola’s sari-sari store. Plus she can dance and sing at the same time, holding the microphone like a pro even without so much identifiable lyrics apart from “ulaaan…ulaaan” just like in the coffee commercial. When she’s in the mood to show off, she hits the keys of the old Casio organ ala total performer. She mimics anybody or anything that captures her attention, be it her lola who now walks with a limp, a TV commercial or our dog which she calls “doggie” or “brownie” whichever captures her fancy. She even knows how to steal a piece of candy from her lola’s store and hide under the table to eat it, even if its mint. I was blown when I learned she eats hot and spicy pancit canton! Sometimes the kid freaks me out. Kakaiba. Kids these days.


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