Painting Black: We are the working girls…

We are the working girls…

Ah, finally I now have my own studio-type apartment. It maybe old and sometimes creaky but it feels nice to finally have a bathroom and a kitchen all to myself. In my conscious and unconscious states, I am constantly planning on how to decorate my humble abode and make it livable at least to my standard. I’ve already overspent on my magazine allowance, looking for that inspiration that I can afford to realize. I fear it’s going to take a real big bite on my planned vacation due this December. It makes me think over and over whether I do need a pricey vacation or just a comfy bed, a television, a DVD player and a dining table. Oh muses, help! I wish Oprah is my fairy godmother so I can wish for her to send Nate Berkus and give my apartment that much needed FREE makeover!


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