Painting Black: Yey for Julius!

Yey for Julius!

I excused myself and slithered my way out of the birthday party we are celebrating here in the office just to meet Julius, my big bro! The brother is now a few buildings away from me. We are practically neighbors, yey! Although it sure is a little weird to see the guy in long sleeves, tie and shiny black leather shoes. Hahaha! Two thumbs-up though, he is far from looking like your friendly Electrolux man. We grabbed a burger at McDo St. Francis, his treat! I was all ears to hear more of his stories but being the hectic guy that he is, we cut the chitchat short. He needs to make it to Laguna early. Oh well, catching up will have to wait until next week because he’ll be feeding us (Ms. Quel, Ate Norms, Ningsky and Moi) real dinner at Rairaiken. Yey!


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