Painting Black: Office Xmas party

Office Xmas party

It’s a hat party this time. I particularly liked the huge Mexican hat worn by a developer. I so want to wear a cowboy hat but I can’t seem to find one. I wonder where Chin got hers from…In the end, I settled for an old fisherman’s hat, too much for creativity.

We arrived late at Linden Suites because I had to accompany an officemate to her client. We immediately went to the buffet table, and surprisingly, after 3 hours of being late, the food seemed almost untouched. These people weren’t hungry??? That’s new. The food was fine. I wasn’t able to finish mine because I had to join the beer drinking contest and felt full after. I almost won if I hadn’t burped three times, hehehe.

Raffle prizes….as usual, I never won anything major. I was salivating over the DVD player that I thought I won (it would have been perfect with the television set I bought), it turned out that it was Yza, seated beside me, who took it home.

My monito gave me the gift I like – Harry Potter VCD series. Nice, had I known earlier that my monitor is one of the bosses, I could have gotten away with a DVD player. Chances…Anyways, I got a dry iron and nothing more. After two bottles of beer, I’m done with the party. It wasn’t grand but my team mates were hilarious and being around them is was chaos. Yet, to sum it all up, this party though great, paled in comparison with last year’s Ephil Xmas party. Hehehe. It was still my most memorable Xmas party of all time.


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