Painting Black: The power of four

The power of four

Just when we found the perfect place away from the Metro, people started to beg off and beg a rain check. In the end, it was Haha, Sonia, Leo, me and that big, deserted resort in Tanay. I really wished the guys were all there to share the agony of having to be seated inside the jeepney for hours! Sooo unfair! Apparently, a huge 10-wheeler truck carrying sacks and sacks of cement decided to conk out after it has happily spread itself across the stretch of the highway. Nightmare! We only humored ourselves just to survive each minute. I’m sure the passengers inside the jeepney found us too amusing that they didn’t bother with us laughing on top of our lungs. A manong even decided to join in the chitchat, hehehe.

There were three huge pools and only the four of us. It couldn’t get any colder on a starry December night, so we only stayed in the water for a few minutes and decided that it was better to chitchat in dry, warm clothes. No booze this time, primarily because Marlon, too, wasn’t present. Either way, we had soooo much fun!


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