Painting Black: First Time to Paintball

First Time to Paintball

Throughout the night, everybody waited for their occasional trips to the john, except for Leah. Thanks for drinking iced tea dear. We still need more sleep but we had to check out at 2 in the afternoon. I adopted the girls and let them stay in my place. Breakfast was officially served at 4pm and we still feel beaten to pulp. Muscles sore and heads burning, we still went to CCP for our paintball session.

At P200 each plus 20 free pellets, it was okay. Dan and Leo were black team while myself, Leah and Joyee belonged to green team. After being hit on the arm on our first round, I decided paintball isn’t my game. The darn bullet hurts! After that, I began to fear the game like it was real. Then of course, I was not a useful team mate anymore because all I did was hide and fire occasional bullets just so they’ll know I’m still alive. It really wasn’t a good idea to play it at night. Nobody has great pair of eyes nowadays! And I wish they would really do the gear a good washing. It would also help if the gun wasn’t that heavy and the mask not too prone to moist. Hahaha, too many complains from this girl. It means, I’m an “amateur” and will always be from the looks of it.


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