Painting Black: Night Out with Joyee

Night Out with Joyee

It’s the first time for the good little girls to get bad and wild, at least to our own biased, crooked standards. As usual we chose to stay at Malate Pensionne since the gimmick places are scattered around it and are all just a stone’s throw away.

I caught up with the girls in Star City, of all places. They went to shop at the tiangge stalls. My legs were already throbbing in pain for having to walk all throughout the day, nonstop, so Leo and I just waited for them outside. Had I realized earlier that we went there just to fetch them, I would have taken a nap in our room, instead, and sneak a few minutes of sleep. So that didn’t happen, too. After fetching the girls, we then went back to our hotel room, to chat! A bit of drama this time, so Joyee just insisted that we get the party started.

First stop, Acoustic Bar, as usual. It was really just a stop since we weren’t able to catch Cookie Chua. A cramped room full of chain smokers without Ms. Cookie isn’t inviting at all. So we had to break the long-standing habit of “Acoustic Bar first before anything else” and try our luck in other bars, instead.

Next stop -- Suburbia. Band was great. Cute guys singing R&B. I loved it still even if one of singers keeps having seizures on stage. He was so hyper that Joyee was actually getting her groove on. Plus the drinks were wicked. A long island in a very tall glass and the good old tequila knocked me down. I happily embraced the feeling of swimming in space again. On our way to Nakpil to look for another bar, we bumped into my sister Tirso with his angels. Not in SG but in Malate! How cool is that?! I missed him sooo much that we stood there on the street for almost 30-minutes just exchanging stories. Ahh, that made half my night but me and my angels still had to shake the tipsiness off.

On we went to another bar beside Indio. Something called Blue chuva whatever. Too drunk to remember but not that drunk to party! It was non-stop dancing…and drinking. Two bottles of beer and a glass of Smirnoff. Yes, glass and it tasted like water. The blasted bartender slipped water into our vodka. Pinoy nga naman. Good thing we were enjoying the music. Well, it was danceable until it ticked 5am and the DJ became incoherent with a mouthful of malicious remarks. It was a signal that it was time to go. Five in the morning and we still didn’t feel like calling it a day. On our way to Malate Pensionne, we heard Bedrock still bursting with music. So up we went and ordered for a drink. Another bottle of San Mig for me and half a bottle of Smirnoff because it was such a waste to see it untouched. Apparently Barbs had enough. Not 30 minutes later, the band packed up and we were all too tired to complain. Bless the muses because our room was just across the street. We slept while the outside world was spinning…(oh yes, after we side-tripped to 7-11 first for toiletries) hoping to regain the energy we lost. Tomorrow’s the much awaited paintball session ü


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