Painting Black: Mudslide


photo courtesy of Sun.Star Network

The horror of the Leyte mudslide is sinking in. Visit CNN and you can’t help but be emotional. I hope and pray that there are still survivors underneath the mud. Sometimes Mother Nature can be cruel. But what we did to her to earn her wrath doesn’t matter anymore, at least in this time of crisis. There are still about a thousand people missing and the people of Guinsaugon need our help in any form. The US, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Spain, Singapore, New Zealand, and South Korea have already expressed their support, so have Filipinos across the globe. We, too, can do our part in sending our love and support to the victims of this tragedy by giving blankets, food, tents, clothes, medicines or cash to the local government of Leyte, or sending them to various foundations accepting relief for the victims. Please help.


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Painting Black

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