Painting Black: Thoughts


Thoughts about telling the truth:

- People lie to save their butts, to make themselves look better to other people, and to put other people down
- People believe other people’s lies because it is more convenient to listen to lies than go out and look for the truth, the lies were expertly woven that they cover up the truth nicely, or they just don’t care what the truth is.
- If a person has gravely lied to somebody once, expect that s/he will lie a second time. An exception is that when lying is second nature to that person that it becomes part of his/her everyday life.
- If a person lies to his/her friend, then that person is nobody’s friend and he/she isn’t a friend to him/herself.
- Honesty is the best policy.
- People have different versions of the truth. They can pick the most convenient for them so that people easily believe in it.
- Bending the truth is never a healthy hobby.
- What comes around goes around, Karma is absolute.

Thoughts about being absurdly oversensitive:

- If you play untactful jokes on other people all the time, chances are you will fret about people’s smallest comment even if it indirectly involves you.
- Think with your brains not with your heart…or mouth.
- Do not put yourself in a situation that says “you’re not part of this”
- If you don’t know anything, it is safer to ask than assume.

Thoughts about friendship:

- Birds of the same feather flock together.
- If you can’t beat them, it’s a bad idea to join them.
- If you don’t treat somebody as your friend, then don’t use them just so you’ll have company.
- Friends never do shameful things to each other.
- Friendship is never an exclusive thing; it should be shared to everybody who wants to celebrate it.


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