Painting Black: March 2006

This is MY cube!

A nameplate for my cube! How cool is that?! Just before lunch, lovely silvery nameplates arrived and the manong came to each cube mounting them one by one. So nice and so vain, hehehe.

C'est la vie, eh

Human nature is very interesting. Frustrating sometimes, because a person can only take as much of somebody's depressing personal outlook as his patience can absorb.

Payong kaibigan: Stop whining about things that you did not get. Learn that everything always happens for a reason.

Yey to new office!

The invite says come in business formal. Haven’t heard the phrase since my Globe stint. I rarely fret these days so a day before the event, I calmly rummaged through the old wardrobe and found a black and white striped skirt that will do. I did bought a new pair of red sandals because black shoes are a bore, and they won’t match the skirt. None of my old blazers fit anymore and the nearby Ukay-Ukay saved me so much effort, not to mention, big bucks. I got an almost brand new Bossini coat for a bargain basement price of tadaah, P150.00! And I got good compliments for that, oh joy.

Back to my story. Filipino time was immortalized by none other than the priest blessing the office. Kinda felt a little embarrassed to have all the foreign bosses wait. Of course, I was overacting. I was too hungry to even feel anything. Good thing the priest studied his piece and impressed the guests with his sermon. It was amazing how he connects secure payment transactions to people going to church, wahehehe! That made half my night.

Got P25 worth of coins that were tossed, I followed the priest everywhere while he blessed every nook and cranny, and in between, sneaked a few moments to my cube in the hope of finishing a SELF-IMPOSED deadline, which was voluntarily moved by my boss. Life is good.

I still don’t think that pica-pica made the event classier. If anything, it made us look like a bunch of nicely-dressed hungry people. The band was entertaining. The bar was…well, okay. I was hoping for a glass of tequila but they only have tequila rose, which tasted slightly better than Bailey’s. R was smashing! What a cool dude our boss was, banging his head like a rock star. And yeah, the hair added to the flair. K was the best, he danced with all the girls in the room and he’s not even drunk yet, hehehe. Our team is really lucky to have these guys as bosses.

Bowling Disaster

It’s one of my biggest regrets. I have all the time in the world to play it, and had a college friend who was part of the Philippine Bowling Team as a willing coach, but I did not give a damn. R wanted a little bonding time before he leaves next week, which was good. Bad thing was his idea of bonding was bowling; and for someone who hasn’t even touched a bowling ball all my life, it was way too much. But it’s not like I have an option.

Buffet at Dad’s didn’t calm my nerves. I didn’t even get to eat as much as I want to. The stuffed elephant I got was cute, though. I can actually talk all day about the stuffed elephant just to divert my bowling disaster experience. But I won’t do that because it seems that ending this blog is more fitting. So there, you got the picture.

Best what?

Not the usual petiks day. The big bosses are all here, need to put the best foot forward. Whatever that means!

Loving the change

We’ve moved! Yep, it’s farewell to other teams at the 17th floor because our department just relocated 15 floors up. We have the whole 32nd floor to ourselves and to top it all, we have a great view of Ortigas centre from up here. Needless to say, I love my new 1.5 x 1.5 cell! I’ve a UPS, a telephone and nobody can see what’s on my screen, except when somebody decides to go into the library, which anybody hardly does, haha! Beat that! Im not all out with how the rest of the office looks. Zen-like Convergys and PeopleSupport isn’t really my style. Anyhoo, I love the change.

Help Rebuild Lives, Help Rebuild Leyte

We all know what happened in St. Bernard in Southern Leyte almost two weeks ago. We all know that husbands, wives, and children were buried underneath the piles of mud and boulders due to a series of deadly mudslides. Very few of the residents escaped the disaster, even fewer were rescued. To this day, hundreds remained missing and feared dead. The search and rescue phase, as you may have already known, officially ended last Friday. But this does not mean that our compassion should also end there.

I appeal to everybody to make small sacrifices so we can contribute, in our own little way, to the rebuilding of Leyte and of the lives of the people devastated by the tragedy. It is never too late to send help because there is still a lot to be done, and Leyte needs all the help it can get from us. Our personal donations will go a long way in protecting the lives of the survivors and in restoring their dignity.

You may send your donations (cash/non-cash) to:

*Philippine National Red Cross at telephone numbers +63 920 9527268, +63 917 8068513, +63 2 5270864 (telephone and fax), and +63 2 5270000 (trunkline) or
*The nearest SM mall through SM Foundation’s Operation Tulong Express, or
*Contact your local parish if they have an ongoing relief mission (the Edsa Shrine is one of the many churches accepting donations for Leyte).

Painting Black

Every day creates your history. Every path you take, you leave your legacy.

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