Painting Black: Bowling Disaster

Bowling Disaster

It’s one of my biggest regrets. I have all the time in the world to play it, and had a college friend who was part of the Philippine Bowling Team as a willing coach, but I did not give a damn. R wanted a little bonding time before he leaves next week, which was good. Bad thing was his idea of bonding was bowling; and for someone who hasn’t even touched a bowling ball all my life, it was way too much. But it’s not like I have an option.

Buffet at Dad’s didn’t calm my nerves. I didn’t even get to eat as much as I want to. The stuffed elephant I got was cute, though. I can actually talk all day about the stuffed elephant just to divert my bowling disaster experience. But I won’t do that because it seems that ending this blog is more fitting. So there, you got the picture.


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