Painting Black: Yey to new office!

Yey to new office!

The invite says come in business formal. Haven’t heard the phrase since my Globe stint. I rarely fret these days so a day before the event, I calmly rummaged through the old wardrobe and found a black and white striped skirt that will do. I did bought a new pair of red sandals because black shoes are a bore, and they won’t match the skirt. None of my old blazers fit anymore and the nearby Ukay-Ukay saved me so much effort, not to mention, big bucks. I got an almost brand new Bossini coat for a bargain basement price of tadaah, P150.00! And I got good compliments for that, oh joy.

Back to my story. Filipino time was immortalized by none other than the priest blessing the office. Kinda felt a little embarrassed to have all the foreign bosses wait. Of course, I was overacting. I was too hungry to even feel anything. Good thing the priest studied his piece and impressed the guests with his sermon. It was amazing how he connects secure payment transactions to people going to church, wahehehe! That made half my night.

Got P25 worth of coins that were tossed, I followed the priest everywhere while he blessed every nook and cranny, and in between, sneaked a few moments to my cube in the hope of finishing a SELF-IMPOSED deadline, which was voluntarily moved by my boss. Life is good.

I still don’t think that pica-pica made the event classier. If anything, it made us look like a bunch of nicely-dressed hungry people. The band was entertaining. The bar was…well, okay. I was hoping for a glass of tequila but they only have tequila rose, which tasted slightly better than Bailey’s. R was smashing! What a cool dude our boss was, banging his head like a rock star. And yeah, the hair added to the flair. K was the best, he danced with all the girls in the room and he’s not even drunk yet, hehehe. Our team is really lucky to have these guys as bosses.


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