Painting Black: April 2006

Taking it one day at a time

Yes, I am still frenzied and frantic, but there are two reasons that'll keep me going through the coming days. First, since we have been working our butts off so hard, K decided to surprise us with a summer outing next month. Finally, sun, sea, and sand!

Next, Elliott rocks! He just takes my breath away everytime he sings. Last night's performance was "superb" as Simon said.

Working hard for the money

If there’s one thing to describe the past weeks, it’s toxic, with a capital T! There was never a day that passed that I never felt harassed. I never get to drink enough water and have never even brushed my teeth after lunch lately :(. To top it all, I worked on Maundy Thursday until 1am on Good Friday! The weeks ahead are looking up to me like mad dogs waiting to devour every happy thought inside my head. I need sunshine, sigh. And oh, I couldn’t be even gloomier than ever since Bucky was voted out. I hope Elliott stays longer. I fondly love these guys.

Doggie pic shamelessly stolen in the vastness of the web. Credits to whoever owns this.

Happy Birthday, Doths!

Many more blessings to you, sis! Miss yah!

Painting Black

Every day creates your history. Every path you take, you leave your legacy.

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