Painting Black: Iron Chef Shaui

Iron Chef Shaui

Fire said my fetuccine ala pobre was a hit. Krix played iron chef judge as he named my creation the best pasta in the party. Wasn't there to witness the "judging" since i fetched Gabby for our celebrated Gabby-Tita day out. On my way home, I dropped by Barbie's place again just to say hello to the girls. Too bad they already left "laughing all the way." Not shocking at all, i bet the foodies were spiked as always, either rhum-ed or wine-d, or maybe even tequila-ed. No doubt that Barbie's and Fire's signature are all over them.

I actually played iron chef, too. Hence, my fetuccine ala pobre. I first prepared this dish sometime before Christmas for my buddy Eva. She loved it too, for some reason. For the brave and the curious, here's what you need to prepare the pasta:

1/2 kilo of fetuccine, cooked until al dente and set aside
4-5 medium cloves of garlic, crushed
1/2 cup of fresh ripe tomatoes sliced into slim wedges, seeded
3 large bulbs of sweet onion (the white ones), sliced into slim wedges
1 large can of button mushroom ("champignon" in french)
1 cup of fresh sweet peas
1/4 cup olive oil (I used extra virgin)
1/2 cup soy sauce
salt and pepper to taste
Dried basil for aroma and extra taste (I used McCormick)

Heat olive oil in a pan. Brown the garlic and toss in the rest of the ingredients starting with the onions and then the tomatoes, the mushroom, and the sweet peas. Sweet peas are best crisp so try not to overcook. That's my mantra now, hehehe. Add the soy sauce and bring to simmer. When done, pour the cooked ingredients over the pasta. Gently fold it with the pasta to make sure the pasta is evenly coated. Add salt and pepper to taste and season with dried basil. Voila! Enjoy with your favorite bread.


Blogger lala said...

uy parang masarap to :) try ko sya isang weekend. thanks for sharing :) mwa

7:36 PM GMT+8  
Blogger shaui said...

Thanks la!!!! adventurous ka naman so baka magustuhan mo din hihihi. Lemme me know if you do. Post the kota kinabalu pics ha! :D I wish i had your energy. kainggit! mwahness! :-)

11:36 AM GMT+8  

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