Painting Black: June 2006

Haha, smartass! :-)

"Before you criticize people, walk a mile in their shoes. This way, when you criticize them, you are a mile away from them and have their shoes."

-Frieda Norris

OU will have to wait...

I've been remiss and I let the opportunity pass, now I have to wait for the next sem. Until then, I'd have to content myself with self-study, which I am bad at. Great.

Powerbooks therapy

The hectic Saturday morning did not dampen my spirit. I needed stress therapy so I went to the Powerbooks warehouse sale with Leo, hehe. Intriguingly, there were a lot less people than I expected. Thus, book hunting bacame really therapeutic.

Leo can't help but ask, though, why people hoard books. They were literally pushing carts and carts and it seems unfathomably funny. I don't know about them, but this girl still has a life. Anyhoo, needless to say, my grit was duly rewarded. I went home with C.S. Lewis, Dan Brown, Sophie Kinsella, Ann Brashares, Nicola Krauss/Emma McLaughlin, and Margaret Mitchel (talk about classic!). I got six library-worthy books for a knockout price of P630-ish. Oh yeah!

Fab Finds:
1. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe - P199
2. Digital Fortress - P99
3. Can you Keep a Secret? - P99
4. Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants - P79
5. Citizen Girl - P79
6. Gone with the Wind (60th Anniversary Edition) - P79

Deja vu

It's a freaking Friday night and Im still in the office slaving away...again. Another rush project that gets me all jittery. Leo's been waiting at the lobby battling boredom. Stomach's grumbling for lack of nourishment for the last ten hours. Need to recharge because i need to hurdle another saturday morning in the office. My precious saturday morning. Neo, is this another glitch in the matrix? Hahahay buhay......gotta get back to work.

Powerbooks Warehouse Sale

For all the bookworms, Powerbooks is having a warehouse sale on June 16-18, from 10am to 7pm @ #25 Brixton Street, Capitol Subdivision, Pasig City.

Bahay Kubo with a twist

Gabbie's rendition. The girl is hilarioius :))

Bayanihan is alive

On my way to work this morning, i noticed a small traffic build up in Shaw Blvd, near EDSA. It turned out that a jeepney conked down and was in dire need of a good old push to kick it to start. With the driver's bidding, bystanders nearby jumped over the fenced gutter to help. At first i thought it was another one of those hold up scenes you see frequently. Nice to know it wasn't. Even a student in his white school shirt came to aid. It made me smile of course. I stil believe in bayanihan :).

Tourist Exclusive

Saya naman maging turista sa SG!!! If you're a tourist you get to buy iPod Nano @ 50% off during the ongoing Great Singapore Sale. Hanep!

Fab find @ Chocolate Warehouse Sale

Usually, I have to convince myself that an item worth more than P500 is indeed as fabulous as it appears. I am a certified scrooge, you see. Plus I'm not especially a big fan of expensive things. All of my jeans are less than a thousand bucks. The first time i ever owned a real branded denim was in college, a REPLAY bought from HK by our neighbor. I had to painfully save my allowance to pay for it in four installments. Hahaha.

One of my fab finds for the month: GRAB jeans @ P2000 (P50% price-off) from the Chocolate warehouse sale in Pasig. If you read Cosmo you'll get acquainted with the wicked Aussie brand. The first fit blew me away! Never mind that the legs are obviously too long for somebody like me...I'm still finding a way how to upload the picture from my phone without a data cable...Ooops, 2005 Havaianas were also on sale @ 20-30% off, but too bad, small sizes go first.

Painting Black

Every day creates your history. Every path you take, you leave your legacy.

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