Painting Black: Day 1 - Welcome, lah!

Day 1 - Welcome, lah!

It's a shame that this thing has long been overdue. Quite frankly, I've actually planned for this trip because I was counting on myself to save...and it goes without saying that I failed miserably on the "save" part. Despite that, I’ve had a dazzling seven days, especially with my travel mate, Eva, in tow.

Firstly, Tiger Airways is fun. Despite the scrutiny of Singapore's Immigration, I've nothing but praises for Changi Airport, er...we actually landed on Budget Terminal where we had to walk for what seemed like forever, but I love the goodie bag they give away so that makes me love Changi :). The goodie bag made me feel welcome. Firstly, it is chicly designed and it holds plenty of nice things like a cap, a pen, a cell phone chain, a luggage tag, and two stacks of sticky note. I love freebies :).

Urban trek with Ces - Dinner at Thai Express in City Link. Ice cream at the Esplanade Bridge. Missing Merlion. Walking tour of Boat Quay. Chismisan galore at Coffee Bean. FIFA World Cup on giant screen at Clarke Quay (David Beckam is one helluva pretty boy!). Made a blood compact with Ces, she promised to join us on our Sentosa tour.


Blogger lala said...

pst! ang daya! baket di ka nagparamdam sa amin ni beng!!! naku galante pa naman kame hehe

pero natuwa naman ako at naaliw kayo dito sa gapor. ang saya ng mga pics nyo :)

2:19 PM GMT+8  
Blogger shaui said...

Lala dear, as per don's blog, andito kayo sa Pinas ng mga panahong yan. nalate lang ko ng post kase tambak agad ang work huhuhu. pero sayang, sana naambunan ako ng katas ng gapor! next time nalang pede? *wishing* hehehe.

7:13 PM GMT+8  
Blogger lala said...

hehe oo next time kung maisipan nyo bumalik, ikot namin kayo :)

11:08 PM GMT+8  

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