Painting Black: All because of Prada

All because of Prada

"Cheers to the job that pays the rent." So was the toast Andy and her friends made in Devil Wears Prada. The moment I heard it, I couldn't fight the urge to raise my coke and click it to Eden's and Ercel's, my movie buddies. It turned out my copycat toast was the highlight of our movie moment...well, second only to the lamb Gyros from Cafe Meditterian that we devoured before the movie even started.

Truth is, as much as I feel that I am blessed, I can somehow relate to the movie...err..maybe just that single line. The movie came across as blah only sprinkled with Hollywood glam here and there to raise it to the level of "watchable." Unappealing as it was, that single line stood out to me the most and got me to thinking that I should somehow make a pseudo-assessment of my so called life.

My job pays the rent, along with other things necessary, and sometimes, some things that aren't as necessary...but I'm not really sure if this is where I should be. For one, I could swear my brain is relapsing here. On the contrary, I don't hate my job. In fact I adore it. Who wouldn't love a job that lets you come in anytime you want? Or at least, most of the time. I guess the loose, lenient rules and the long period of idleness after a toxic project is put to bed, is seriously getting to me. While most people would kill for a job setting like we have, I think I need a break from my catatonic state. I probably need a bit of challenge. I need to be least once in a while. To boot, I thinkI am losing my communication skill as well. It feels like I'm not in my element anymore.

Buuut after saying all that, I think I'd have to antagonize myself since I perfectly know that I am far from being a TW guru and I may be a little too off in saying I need challenge. Dang, life is indeed a complex bitch. I used to joke that my employment loyalty has an expiration date. I'd hate to see the joke materialize but when I get tired of something, I do lose focus and interest, and all things essential to making a solid career. It's probably not such a pretty good image to take on, but I think I am still searching for my own niche, for my special place in the sun and all that bullcrap (pun intended).

I am somewhat like C, we both claim that we aren't ambitious. I don't really give much thought about climbing the corporate ladder. The weather down here is just fine. But of course, it shouldn't hurt to roll my sleeves and play the game. But the million dollar question is, do I really want this game in the first place? Sure it pays the rent and gets me through the day all day of my yuppie life, but how do i know if my childhood dream of being a Bayanihan dancer is my eternal happiness all along? Argh, midlife crisis, why do you have to come too soon?


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