Painting Black: Greenpeace!


I went to Robinsons Galleria to get myself lunch to go before i fetched Leo from the airport last Friday. Just fronting the mall entrance was the Greenpeace stall encouraging mallers to sign up and support the organization. Having visited the Greenpeace website a couple of times before, I thought of signing myself upand pledging my support. The catch is, by support, they mean monetary support (i think it was the main purposeof putting up a stall, in the first place). I thought of backing up right then and there, but I realized that this is a chance for me to really help the environment, and small contributions from random people will definitely go a long way in protecting Mother Earth. I debated with my thoughts a little and decided to go on with my pledge, anyway. Besides, what is a few hundred bucks debited quarterly from my credit card, right? Erm, it's actually quite a bit for a scrooge like me, but hey, this is Mother Earth we're talking about. After all, I can stop my pledge with a simple phone call to my credit card company should I decide to do so. Besides, it's also a nice way of giving back something to this planet we call home. It took care of me for 28 years, and I think it's just fair that I do something to take care of it somehow.

The famed Greenpeace ship, Esperanza, is in the Philippines, and a free invite to tour the ship is given to those who sign-up for support. Also, if you plan to go there for a look-see, you may just catch Angel Aquino as she holds a story-telling session for kids. Visit their website by clicking here for more information. You can pledge any amount that comes from the heart, which you can instruct to be debited from your credit card or bank account via monthly, quarterly or annually deductions :).


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