Painting Black: I am 28!

I am 28!

Another candle, another year, none the wiser :p. I just turned 28, yes, 28 (there's some kind of eerie feeling to it when one says's like wisdom should be dawning on me or something to that effect). Anyhoo, the years may continue adding up to my age, but i will still probably feel like I haven't grown mature one bit. Erm, I'm not even sure if that thought is good or not, but what the heck, I know myself. I am still 100% childish. Exceptions of course, include life and death decisions, and the like, where maturity comes effortlessly natural.

Officemates ask me how it feels to be 28 (i know this is one silly question), and i simply tell them that it feels exactly like what I felt the day before my birthday. It's not like I am expecting to feel a whole new level of undiscovered feeling I haven't felt before. After all, age ain't nothing but a number.

Oh yes, the birthday celebration...erm, there's no time for one this year and will probably have a late celebration next week at the Avilon Zoo with family :). Leo and I were busy peddling live crabs to unsuspecting churchgoers in the Sunday flea market. Leo brought 25 kilos of them from Capiz. I'm not so keen about selling, I am one bad crab tindera, I'd rather eat the whole bunch than sell them. Despite that, only 3 kilos remained and it was, after all, a fine day (erm, actually, if it counts, I tried the Karaoke Hub in SM Bicutan while waiting for the rain to stop on our way home, aliw hehehe).

On hindsight, I am more thankful than I have ever been. I have been blessed and able to bless back the people I love in my own little way. Honestly, I am not yet where I imagined myself to be a couple of years ago, but I am working on it :) and I have my family and my friends to thank for making the journey worth taking :) Love y'all!

And just for the heck of it, I made the following wishlist. Not that I am expecting anything from my family and friends, but creating one makes me want to *cough* save up. Here goes:

5. Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
4. A bookcase to decently store my books
3. Sounds too red-neck but I want a fresh linoleum on my floor
2. Lotsa ornamental plants for my balcony
1. A digital camera that can convince myself to afford (either Canon Powershot A620 or Nikon Coolpix 5400)


Blogger weng said...

Hab berdey shaui! isa kang magandang tagumpay! :D God Bless

11:37 PM GMT+8  
Blogger shaui said...

Maraming thank you Wengsky!!!! Malayo pa ang umaga (ano daw?! hehehe) Kelangan pang kumayod as in. Ultimate wish ko tlaga eh maging magkapit-bahay tayo jan sa Tate :p Mwahness!

11:31 AM GMT+8  
Blogger lala said...

happy birthday shaui!

aliw naman pala ang bday celebration mo, nakuha pa magvideoke.

have fun sa avilon zoo :) mwaaa!

2:39 AM GMT+8  
Blogger shaui said...

thanks, lala-la!!! hehehe, sabi nga nila trip-trip lang yan :p


11:32 AM GMT+8  

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