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Picture picture

The first camera I've ever seriously handled was a Pentax SLR film cam way back in college. I chose it myself for the school paper's use with no apparent professional photography reason apart from the fact that it fits the paper's budget of 15-20k. What I loved about it is that you can dismantle the flash and the lens for easy carrying and storing, plus, you can do amazing effects by just adjusting (or changing) the lens.

That's all about everything I know of college photography. As long as the subject stays in the middle, the clicks are stable, and the shots come out clear, there's no fretting to be had. But even with my short attention span, I love photography...or at least I appreciate nice photos.

As a late birthday gift to myself, which goes without saying that it falls under the category of DEBT, (Nick, thanks to the nth power!!!). I got a digital camera (although Myk puts it as "just one of those nice-to-have things"). Quite pricey for my taste, but I love it, so no regrets from this girl ;). My new Nikon Coolpix 5400 is quite old (oxymoron bring it on!) as it is a 2003 release, but I got it way cheaper than the Canon Powershot A620 that I had hoped to buy (thanks to David's connections). I specifically love the flip-out LCD similar to Powershot, although a tad too small. The black finish gives it an SLR look and feel (feeling!). I love the auto and scenes features for easy point and shoot moods. And I love the fact that Nikon is good at macro shots. You can actually come as close as 1cm to your subject and see the details come out perfectly defined.

Here's a play at Nikon's macro mode.



Rubber slipper

Pebbled counter


Blogger lala said...

nice cam!
happy shooting! gawa ka flickr/zoto/fotopic account :)

3:55 PM GMT+8  
Blogger shaui said...

tenchoo, lalala! kapag napraktis ko na ang mga basics gawa ako account :D

8:03 PM GMT+8  

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