Painting Black: Lust


Once in a while, its fun to gorge on sweets than keep a desperate watch on losing the inches. Well, it may sound as an act of defense to cover up a shameless gluttony, but I don't really give my two cents in it. In other words, I am guilty of greedily wolfing down an innocent lot of chocolates. Bwahaha!

This is what I get from reading food blogs. Lori's blog, most specially. Her entry on chocolates fed sublimimnal messages to my brain that I had to visit Rustan's supermarket to satisfy my rabid craving.

My current favorite is M-azing Peanut Butter bar - a yummy milk chocolate infused with M&M's peanut butter minis. Unlike Reese's, the peanut butter minis aren't overwhelming. The fusion is heavenly, just perfect. Only, although adorable, I don't dig the extremely cute M&M mascot figures embossed on the chocolate. Maybe it's there to make you feel guilty for biting the daylights out of advice though, don't fall for it! :p


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