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random weeks

I've been out of commission for the past weeks because work has been toxic. I've just juggled simultaneous projects (three in all!) and it left me leaving the office at three in the morning, sigh. Two of them were already put to bed, while I'm still wrestling for the last one to see finalization.

A lot has happened since my temporary hiatus. The biggest of them all is typhoon Millenyo. Scary, I tell you. I watched neighbors scamper after their roof and walls, watched my non-functioning cable tv wire frantically wave at me from its harness, watched my front gate gather floodwater decorated with a motley of debris consisting mainly of plastics, tree branches, broken glass, cast iron, and anything and everything that a 200kph howling wind can ever throw out of its course. Even the ten-year old mango tree in our Paranaque home was uprooted and landed on our neighbor's roof of all places. Yeah, a casualty charged against us, huhuhu. But to top it all off, the 3-day total darkness! It was so stone-age backward. I'm glad I kept myself sane and didn't start killing myself in the process. I've got to give credit to all Filipinos for pulling through the rough times as always, as ever. I hope everybody is safe!

On to a lighter and my food trip buddies went wild on a binging spree despite work. Since I've yet to get past my disappointment over Sorabol, I've managed to sway our small crew to favor Korean food instead of fusion (if Cafe Ago-go serves such). We braved Meralco Avenue and headed toward Yedang. It was authentic and filling korean dining for us, and definitely way over the league of my first korean foray at Sorabol. The Bibimbop (P250) was so tasty just as it was satisfying for 2 people. And the bulgogi (P300 -P400) was really a feast of meat for us that it barely fit on our table grill. Not to mention, the greens consisting of lettuce and spinach, were abundant, complementing the exciting miscellany of side dishes that go with the bulgogi. Sadly, no pictures of the food this time as we didn't expect to be food tripping on a hectic work week. We promised to go back, though, can't wait.

We also tried the now famous JT's Manukan (of course the initials stand for Joel Torre, the actor) at Granada corner Valencia Streets in Ortigas Avenue, with Mr. JT himself seeing that his customers eat well. I may be too tired to even notice how special JT's inasal is, as I munch on my pecho with a dash of chicken oil, but my foodtrip buddie, Ercel, swore that it was the best chicken she's tasted so far...compared to Chicken Bacolod's, anyways. No picture again, as we were too busy with our spoons and forks (and bare hands!) to even use our phone camera. Just this for now, back to work :(


Blogger JHIEISMS said...

Yup, I've been to AZ din aside from CA... tsaka Nevada... tsaka Utah... all in 2 mos. Talent ang pagiging gimikera, mare, alam mo 'yan! You're one of us. Haha!

8:22 AM GMT+8  
Blogger shaui said...

Hahaha, sus, compared to you, baka level 1 padin ang pagka gimikera ko. Ibang level kana eh, tipong up there! :p

5:10 PM GMT+8  

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