Painting Black: Merry Christmas, everybody!

Merry Christmas, everybody!

I still believe in Christmas. Despite my recent harrowing experience (I just had the scare of my life when a rather daring robber grabbed my bag from behind me, and took off to the Podium parking lot, all under the bright christmasey lights of Ortigas. Needless to say, leaving me with literally nothing but my battered company ID in my pocket and nothing else) that left me moping around (and broke!) for days. I am still not out of it but I am determined to make myself a merry Christmas. For one, even though it's hard for me to find any silver lining, I know in my heart that I am still lucky I wasn't hurt. It makes me think I am meant to live long and celebrate more Christmasses with my family. I can still save up for a new phone, a new iPod, a new flash drive, a new wallet, a new kikay kit complete with makeup, a new parker pen, a new bag, and replacement cards for all of the atm/credit/health/club membership cards I lost. Ngarks...I awfully did lose a lot, still I want to believe it was a good thing I haven't withdrew any more money than the P1500++ in my God-forsaken wallet. Hayz.

On the brighter side, days before the robbery, our team won the "Best Performance of the Night" award, which made us P5,000 richer, and I won a portable DVD player in the company Christmas party, which I actually consider a miracle since I haven't won anything major in my whole life. Now I am planning to sell the DVD player so I can somehow feel better buying back everything I lost. I haven't decided yet, but whatever. Also, I realized my teammates value me big time, that upon knowing of my ordeal, they actually went from cube to cube to pool money so they can buy me a new iPod. They even involved our bosses in the US and they emailed their concerns and their willingness to help. It made me feel really special...but I really couldn't bring myself to accept the "donation." A little more coercing and I just MIGHT accept it. Hehehe.

All in all, I still feel blessed despsite the bad things. And I wish to bless all of you back. Have a Merry Christmas, all!

All my love,

Erm...this new version of blogger still wouldn't allow me to post any pics, so until I figured things out, it's going to be all bare postings for me...


Blogger JHIEISMS said...

hey, so sorry for what happened... but yeah, kahit anong nangyari, PASKO pa din so.. MERI XMAS! =)

11:29 PM GMT+8  
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