Painting Black: Four years and counting

Four years and counting

Yesterday was supposed to be a very special day for me and Leo. It was our 4th year anniversary of being together as boyfriend-girlfriend. But the celebration paled in comparison with the previous years. No surprises this time. No flowers, no chocolates, not even a card! Oh muses, is this a taste of what lies ahead? I was a little disappointed of course, good thing dinner was filling. We get to try Chef Donatello out of curiosity. Since there’s Chef D’angelo already, I am predicting there will be Chef Rafael and Chef Master Splinter soon hahaha!

Anyways, while stuffing myself with pasta, pizza and chicken, I mustered enough courage to ask for my flowers. Leo laughed and shrugged my question off. After four years he still thinks I am joking when I ask for flowers! Gah! I decided to keep quiet. When he sensed my brewing tampo, Leo finally said that he’s more that 100% sure that I wouldn’t even carry the flowers because I get conscious of people looking at me. End of discussion. He knows me. So maybe the flowers are a waste of money. But still, a girl’s a girl …I stopped acting disappointed and finished dinner.

As always he walked me home. I didn’t know that he managed to slip something in my wallet until the following morning. While paying for fare, I noticed a piece of paper covering our picture that I keep in my wallet. A love letter of sorts. I must admit he gets better at it. So with or without the flowers, it’s four years and counting.


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Blogger PLS said...

Very nice but I think you liked the note more than the flowers because the note was unpredictable.


12:11 AM GMT+8  
Blogger Doths said...

Hi Sis! ang sweet naman, nilalanggam yata ako. hihihi... Congratulations on your 4th year! Praying for more years of a wonderful life together. (I think I'm hearing wedding bells? hmmm...hehe!)

By the way, nice blog here! Writer ka talaga. =) I'm proud of you!

Take care and God bless you & Leo always! muahh! (",)

9:14 AM GMT+8  

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