Painting Black: Say what?

Say what?

The guy gives me the creeps. It feels creepy enough when a friend hits on you in front of common friends, but it gets creepier when this “friend” assumes that I really want to go out with him alone, now that he’s successful and can globe-trot where he wants. You really are something else, dude. The lunch with our friends, I dig that despite your occasional anatomy comments, oh yeah, MY anatomy. But to personally ask me on a night out and invite me to your hotel room, just the two of us, that’s way too fresh for me. Initially you scared me, but after that, I wanted to hit your head with your laptop! Can’t all your money get you a girl? I mean, come on! You and I didn’t happen before and it ain’t gonna happen in this lifetime, so lose it. Too bad, we really meant for you to have a wonderful stay while you’re in the country, but it’s good that you saved us that much effort.


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