Painting Black: TGIF


All-hands for our group at the Discovery Suites! It started at 4pm and ended around 10pm, at least for good girls like me. I didn’t eat lunch and the gourmet repertoire was my license for filling up. I didn’t even bother which utensils to use. This isn’t the time to recall table etiquette as part of personality development 101 in college. Honestly, I don’t know why there are so many spoons and forks of varying sizes and how you must work your way from the outside to the innermost silverware until it’s time for dessert. Call me Jologs but I just grabbed a fork and tissue and it worked for me just fine. Lamb was particularly yummy! Eating with the boys is insane. I never stopped laughing. Halfway through the meal, two of them ordered something to satisfy their alcohol craving. A few minutes later, the rest decided to join the fun.

My team went to the adjacent room where smoking is allowed. Second-hand smoking is never fun so I joined the other team on the comfy sofa. The bartender suggested that I try cerveza negra. I ordered for a bottle, who wouldn’t want free booze? I later learned that it wasn't included in the cocktails menu and that it will be footed as an additional bill. Ah, wise bartender. I wonder if these hotel guys get a cut from their tactful, customer service-y hypnotic strategy. If they don’t yet, I think they should receive something. The call center industry needs people like that bartender. Anyhow, the beer was okay, just a little stronger than san mig light with a faint hint of sweetness. Also, the double shot of Absolut Mandarin vodka with sprite and cherry was unbelievably YUMMY! After the second glass, though, I realized I’ve had enough for the night. It’s too early for me to get wasted. But if I did, there’s always Gatorade from the nearest 7-11. It’s supposed to ward off hang-over. It’s one of the new things I recently learned. Thanks to alcoholics like…you know who you all are Ü


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