Painting Black: Spilling beans

Spilling beans

I'm good at keepings secrets but now I have decided to openly join the bandwagon of weight watchers. Darn those Brooke Burk with a slimming machine and Daisy Fuentes doing Pilates infomercials.

It may not seem so but weight has always been my problem since high school. I was bulimic at age 14, that I self-diagnosed only in college, being a Psych major myself. I was never really big and was never overweight, only too obsessed about becoming thin, and never wanting to be called chubby. The episodes of binging and purging ceased for good but I was the classic example of “tabain.” My weight has always been yo-yoing. I had become as thin as I can get only to blow up to a few extra pounds outside the maximum ideal weight for a bundle my size. It’s tiring and it can also get quite embarrassing.

I haven’t had the courage to weigh myself lately. My BMI says I’m weighing normal but I can’t seem to wriggle myself back into old jeans and it’s frustrating. This morning was actually my first attempt to try diet pills. I’m pretty eager to know if xenical will work for me. On second thought, it better should because I don’t intend to spend several hundred bucks per week for nothing. I should be on the program for at least 6 months. Results are promised as early as week 2. I hope I can say goodbye to bulges soon, hopefully.


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