Painting Black: No rain

No rain

I never liked the rain :( and the constant showers the whole weekend wasn't lovely at all. I missed home, naturally. So I failed to give my mothers day gift to my dearest mama. Gave her a call instead with Gabby first taking the call and greeting me "happy matirs day po tita." Awww....hehehe...and she's only two years old! Smart kiddo.

Too lazy to lift the pages of James Frey. Watched tv the whole day. Poor bean bags would have protested for abuse if they can only talk. Feasted on popcorn and all sorts of junk. Kept the 2-pounder dumb bells within my sight just in case the urge to break a sweat finally happens (it never did over the weekend). I watched the rain outside my window...while watching tv. I watched the street turn from yellow-orange to black. Thought of finally getting on my feet and popped in the belly dancing 101 disk...changed my mind a few minutes later, watched Lorenzo's Oil, instead, until its 2am. Dang, i sure am a professional bummer. Damn you, rain.


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